About Us


We are a membership association that advocates for career growth, business optimization, and athletic performance via technology in sport. 


To promote technology adoption within recreational outdoors, amateur athletics, and elite professional sport. 

      • Sport: (Def) - an activity requiring physical and cognitive skill in which an individual or team competes against another usually with spectators.
      • Technology: (Def) - applying science or engineering skills to solve problems usually resulting in the creation of a tool, machine, equipment, or method.


Education - we create online certifications and continuing education courses to help professionals communicate their technical abilities in sport. 

Our members will bridge the gap between applied sports science and sport administration, removing fragmented silos and industry uncertainty through recognized standards and certifications. 

Leadership - we advocate for technology in sport while addressing human-computer interaction, sustainability issues, and application best practices.
A fast moving industry cannot sit idle to wait for new governance policies regarding technology applications. Our global membership will be the voice for responsible technology in sport.
Community - we create membership networking opportunities to help professional careers meet corporate interests and we maintain a membership platform.
The cross pollination of technology from one segment to others requires knowledge transfer via events and conferences where sharing is highly regarded by all.
info@istassociation.com if you believe in our vision and want to help shape the future, send us an email. 

    ISTA North America HQ 
    2550 Sandy Plains Road 
    Marietta, Georgia 30066 

    Phone: (470) 485-ISTA
    Email: info@istassociation.com

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