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ISTA's Professional Sports Technology Institute™ advances careers, improves athletic success and further matures the field of sports technology through our recognized standards, certifications, accreditation, resources, tools, academic research, publications, professional development courses, and networking opportunities. 

Get access to the accredited "Body of Knowledge" covering everything you need to succeed in the field of sports technology. 

Example Areas of Study: 

Section 1: Fundamentals of Biomechanics

          • Movement (Physics, Biometrics, etc..)
          • Measurement (Formulas, Equipment, etc..)
          • Anatomy (Terminology, Systems)
          • Injury (Identification, Reporting, etc..)

Section 2: Fundamentals of Information Systems

          • Data (Formats, Databases, Platforms)
          • Hardware (Networks, Cameras, Electronics, Sensors)
          • Software (Installs, APIs, OS, Security)
          • Project Management (SDLC, ITIL)

Section 3: Fundamentals of Human Factors 

          • Analysis (Visuals, Maps, Graphs)
          • Decisions (Models, Knowledge, Processes)
          • Psychology (Fan-to-Athlete)
          • Persuasive Methods (Logic, Communications)

Section 4: Fundamentals of Applied Sports Technology

          • Sports Industry (Current State, Organizations)
          • Use Cases (Best Practices, etc..) 
          • Responsibility (Privacy, Ethics, Reporting)
          • Career Insights (Role, Education, etc..)

The CSTPsm certificate and verifiable ID number will be granted to those who meet the standards as administered via the institute's testing regiment. The successful qualification will enable professional recognition for expert technology knowledge in the field of 'sports technology'.

Step 1: Become an ISTA Member

Step 2: Fill out the Institute enrollment application (currently closed)

Step 3: Submit required documents and transcripts 

Step 4: Once approved schedule an exam date and time  

*Passing the exam (70%) gives you access to a coveted mark

If you would like to take advantage of certification opportunities enroll in our new institute. Simply start by requesting a free ISTA Membership. 

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